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June 4- Last Student Day

June 8- Report cards released in Skyward


Summer Lunch Program Information


Free breakfast and lunch grab and go meals will be available this summer at Hayshire Elementary, Stony Brook Elementary, the York Learning Center, and North Hills Elementary.  This program is available to anyone 18 years old and under.  The program will begin June 14th and run through August 5th.  Meals can be picked up Monday-Thursday at these locations from 12:00-1:00.  Additional information, and a menu for the month of June, are attached to this communication.


Central Girls Basketball Camp


Central York girls basketball camp will run June 14-18 at CYHS from 9 am to NOON daily. It is open to current 3rd - 8th grade CYSD students and the cost is $60. Registration forms can be found on the CYHS Athletics girls basketball page and attached to this email. We are excited to be able to provide this opportunity again this summer!


Congratulations to Our NHE Robotics Teams


This season the North Hills Robotics teams, PantherTechnix Black and PantherTechnix Orange, were able to overcome many challenges while still having a very successful FIRST Lego League season. This year was the first that teams in our region would need to compete in a qualifying event in order to move on to the Championships.  At the qualifier, both teams won awards (Black Team = Breakthrough Award and Orange Team = Robot Design Award) allowing them to be 2 of 5 teams selected (Out of 18) to advance to the Championships.  The odds were against them at the FIRST Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships as they competed against 18 high performing teams, many of which were able to practice together, in-person, for months before our teams were even decided. However, with successful robot scores of 295 and 310, two cool innovation projects, and a whole lot of camaraderie and team support, both teams found themselves, once again, winning awards at the Championships. Team 34897, PantherTechnix Black, won the "Innovation Project Award" and 34898, PantherTechnix Orange, brought home the "Breakthrough Award." 





Health Protocols


A reminder to check in with your child each morning before school to make sure they are feeling well and do not have any COVID-like symptoms.Please watchthis short video from our school nurses to learn what symptoms are unsafe at school.


Here is a list of other COVID-related circumstances to communicate with the school and require your child to stay at home:

  • If your child is sent home from school with COVID-like symptoms, please keep them home the following day to monitor their health and communicate with their doctor as needed. If your child's symptoms improve, and/or the doctor determines they were caused by something other than COVID-19, your child may return to school. Please provide a doctor or parent note to confirm they are symptom-free or have received an alternate diagnosis.
  • Your child is being tested for COVID-19 and results are pending.
  • Someone in your household is being tested for COVID-19 and results are pending.
  • You receive a report that your child is a confirmed case of COVID-19.
  • Your child has been identified as a close contact of a possible or confirmed case and your family is waiting for guidance on quarantine.
  • If your family has spent time in an area outside of PA and you need to followPennsylvania’s quarantine guidelines for travel.


Please contact the principal or school nurse to provide updates and ask questions. We will work together to develop a plan that balances health, safety, and learning.


Thank you for helping us keep our school safe and making everyone's health a priority!


Dress Code Reminder

As the weather changes, we ask that you please review the CYSD dress code printed in our Student Code of Conduct.  A link to the Student Code of Conduct is posted here.  Likewise, please prepare your children to dress warmly as the weather becomes colder. 


Reporting Attendance- Brick and Mortar and Remote Classrooms


Please remember to report your child absent if they are ill or will not be attending school due to an appointment.  You can use Skyward to report your child’s absences.  All absences not reported by a parent/guardian default to an unexcused absence in our attendance system. Three unexcused absences result in an attendance warning letter.  Four or more unexcused absences can result in the development of a truancy elimination plan and additional steps outlined under Pennsylvania’s Compulsory Attendance Law.  If you have questions about attendance, please contact the North Hills Office.  These procedures are the same for both Brick and Mortar and Remote Learners. 


Please assist us in helping your child to attend school regularly.  Regular attendance in the learning environment promotes positive feelings about school and learning, and supports a stronger social/emotional connection in the learning environment. 


If your child has been exposed to COVID-19 and needs to quarantine per Department of Health guidelines, we can support their continued academic growth and mark their absences with the appropriate codes that excuse their absences.  Please call the NHE Office directly if you need to discuss an possible exposures or quarantine protocols.  We are here to assist your child and your family.


Device Protection/Insurance Now Available For Purchase Online

The he device protection plan is an optional program offered to parents and guardians of Central York School District. The protection plan is there for those unexpected accidents that can happen at any time. It provides peace of mind that the learner's device will be covered for damages should they occur. Please keep in mind that only one insurance claim is allowed per school year for High School devices. All Apple iPad devices have unlimited accidental damage coverage. You will have the opportunity to purchase insurance again each next school year.


To visit the Device Protection Plan website, learn more, and purchase insurance, please click here:


NHE Announcements Have Gone Live!!!


After a lot of planning and tech support, our daily NHE announcements have nowgone live!  Each morning our children are able to view the announcements livehere.  Families are also invited to tune in for the day’s announcements.  If you cannot view them live at 9:00 AM, they are archivedhere where you can catch up on them when you are ready.  Stay tuned for some exciting new enhancements including special guests and participation from our very own NHE learners.  And for our remote learners, we are working on ways to get them involved in the announcements as well.  You are invited to subscribe to our channel to get notifications of our announcements.



Tech Support for Remote Learners


If you need support for a device that is not working, please visit  and complete the form requesting assistance OR call the dedicated hotline (717) 814-4180.









Welcome to North Hills Elementary School

North Hills Elementary School provides instructional services to fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students. The North Hills professional staff, supported by a strong PTO and Parent Volunteer Program, takes pride in its students' accomplishments and enthusiasm for learning!

Principal, Kevin Youcheff

Assistant Principal, Scott Livingston

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