Homework Guidelines

Homework Guidelines and Policies

It is expected that every student record the day's homework in his/her Student Planner.

Homework assignments will be posted on the board in the classroom with ample time for students to record their assignments everyday.  

Each student will receive a Homework Folder at the beginning of the school year.  

The Homework Folder is to be brought home every night.  Any homework that is given will be located in the Homework Binder unless it is CPM homework.  Students will complete their CPM homework in their spiral notebooks that should be located inside their Math Binder along with their CPM textbook. 








Your child could be assigned up to approximately 60 minutes of homework a night Monday-Thursday.  Students will be asked to read at least 20 minutes a night on a daily basis. 

If an assignment is sloppy, or the directions have not been followed, the student will be asked to redo the assignment on his/her own time, i.e. recess or at home. 

Missed homework assignments will result in the student having to stay in during recess to complete the assignment and the loss of a Dojo point for every missed assignment.