Frequently Asked Questions About North Hills Elementary, Fifth Grade, and Room 2



Welcome to fifth grade! The following sections will give you an overview of what your child is learning in fifth grade. It will also review some of the expectations of your child this year. I hope this information is helpful to you. If you have any further questions that are not answered here, please feel free to contact me!

Homework Policy

  CYSD recommends that 5th graders get 40-50 minutes of homework a night. Please anticipate that your child will have homework every week night and some weekends. Fifth grade welcomes a new level of responsibility and organization needed from the students.  Please check your child's agenda each day.  Thank you for your support.

5th Grade Expectations

The 5th grade curriculum builds upon the 4th grade curriculum and requires a new level of responsibility and independence of the students.  Students are expected to follow school and classroom rules and make appropriate choices. If students do not follow expectations, consequences will be given as a result.

Take Home Folders

            Every student has a take home folder (blue for Mrs. Haertsch's homeroom and green for Mrs. Todd's homeroom).  In these folders you will find all homework and important papers sent home with the students.  Please check these folders daily for homework and important updates.

Fifth Grade Curriculum

The Central York School District has adopted the PA Core Standards.  These standards created a shift in our curriculum.  The major shifts in our curriculum require students to be able to think and complete work on a higher depth of knowledge.  Some of the English Language Arts and Mathematics shifts include: 

  • Students supporting inferences, ideas, and opinions with evidence from the text and explaining why elaborating when necessary.
  • The students being able to quote directly from the text when necessary.
  • Developing themes, character theories, character relationships and describing these elements across texts.
  • Higher emphasis on the use of non-fiction texts in various mediums (including texts, articles, websites, etc.).
  • Additional focus on the discovery and conceptual processes in mathematical content, not just the procedural elements.
  • Various strategies to complete mathematical computations, not just the "standard algorithm".
  • A higher focus on problem solving.
  • A higher focus on the use of precise mathematical vocabulary.

Please refer to the resources that will be handed out at Back to School Night and Parent/Guardian, Teacher Conferences about the PA Core Curriculum.  The following link will take you to the CYSD curriculum page:


Progress Reports (Report Cards)

  Your child will receive progress reports on a trimester basis this year.  The first report card will be given at Parent/Guardian Teacher Conferences.  The second report card is given in the spring (usually sometime in March), and the last report card is mailed out after the last student day of school for the school year.

Water Bottles

  Your child is welcome to have a water bottle on their desk (water ONLY).  The water bottle MUST have a lid (no cups, straws, etc.).  I ask that the students take their water bottles home every night so that they can be washed.  Plastic water bottles must also be taken home every night.

Volunteering in the Class and Clearances

  There are numerous opportunities to become involved in Central and our Room 2 family. In order to do so, there is a volunteer policy that can be found on the Central York School District website.  A volunteer registration form must be filled out and the appropriate clearances must be filled out and submitted to the appropriate agencies.  Once you receive the clearances back from the agencies, they can be returned to North Hills or the Education Service Center, 775 Marion Rd. York, PA 17406. You MUST have completed the volunteer registration form and have all clearances on file with the district prior to volunteering.  This process must also be completed if you would like to go on field trips.  If you are working with students more than once a month, a TB test must be arranged with the school nurse.  When volunteering for the first time, please allow a few extra minutes to have the office scan your license into our system to provide you with the appropriate badge.  If you are unable to come into the classroom to volunteer and still would like to assist, you can feel free to contact me for other opportunities.  Other opportunities include donating items for the classroom and helping to prep projects completed in school (cutting, assembling, gluing, etc.).