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Returning Items/Retrieving Items Left At School 


We are not able to bring students onto campus at this time unless it is for essential purposes such as receiving food or materials necessary to continue remote learning. We are working with our solicitor on what actions we may take when we move from this phase to the next and possibly have less restrictions on numbers of students on our campuses for purposes such as returning uniforms and laptops.


For K-11 Students

  • We will not be collecting your devices at the end of this school year. They will remain with you throughout the summer months.
  • If you have an essential item at school that is necessary for your health or to continue your learning at home, please contact your school principal to make arrangements.
  • Essential items do not include gym uniforms. If you have a uniform to return, please hold on to it at this time and await further communication.
  • We will provide an update on yearbook distribution to K-11 students when we move into the “Yellow” Phase and have more guidance for such activities.

Bus/Teacher Assignments for 2020-2021 

Information on Bus/Teacher Assignments for the 2020-2021 School Year will be available to families in Skyward Family Access Center in early August 2020.


Virtual Spirit Week 3


Please view the attached document to view the Virtual Spirit Week days promoted by the Central York School District.


Report Cards and Student Progress


All NHE learners will receive a report card for the 3rd trimester on June 5, 2020.  The report card will assess the progress of the children during their time of remote learning.  The Skyward report card will indicate progress toward mastery, competency, and developing on the units the children have been working.  As always, families can access regular progress toward skills and concepts in Schoology.  On the report card, you will also see attributes marked toward work habits.  This will look a bit different than other trimesters as all of the attributes were not applicable to this remote learning experience.  Finally, written comments will be shared regarding learner progress.  We recognize this experience has been different than our “normal” school experience.  The information reported in Schoology and in Skyward will be shared with next year’s teachers to help guide and plan for future instruction.  We appreciate your support as we continue in this remote learning experience.


Introduction of Zoom During Remote Learning


Please be aware that our teachers are in the process of participating in trainings to prepare to use Zoom as a resource during this time of remote learning. As teachers complete the trainings, and if they incorporate Zoom into instruction during remote learning, you will receive communication directly from your child’s teacher. The communication you receive will include details about the intended use and provide an opportunity for you to grant permission for your child to participate in this activity. Some teachers who have completed the trainings and decided to use Zoom have begun notifying the parents/guardians and learners in their individual classrooms. Again, any communication you may receive about the use of Zoom and/or your permission will be sent directly by your child’s teacher/teachers in the future. 


Daily Morning Announcements


We invite all of our NHE children to view our daily morning announcements.  Each day, a new morning announcement is posted via their classroom teacher’s Schoology page.  Please encourage your child to view this daily message as part of their school routine for a chance to hear from some of their NHE teachers, specialists, and assistants.  Each day has presented a whole new theme filled with comedy, pets, fun facts, and at times links to extra opportunities to learn more about a variety of topics.  We hope they will continue to tune it.


Attendance Procedures


During this time of remote learning, your child is still required to be in “attendance”.  We are tracking this in two ways.  Your child’s response to their classroom teacher’s morning meeting discussion question each day is encouraged and expected.  This is one way your child will be marked in attendance.  Next, it is encouraged and expected that your child is attempting to complete the assigned work from their classroom teachers.  Engaging in the academic tasks and submitting their work is another way attendance is being noted. 


You can check your child’s attendance in Skyward at any time.  If your child has not engaged academically or through the morning meeting message for a given day, they may be marked absent.  If you have questions, about an attendance marking, please contact your child’s teacher.



CYSD Families May Now Purchase Device Protection Online

Central York School District  offers parents/guardians insurance for their child's school-issued iPads and laptops.
The device protection plan is optional and covers those unexpected accidents that can happen at any time.  It provides peace of mind that the learner's device will be covered for damages should they occur.
 To purchase device protection for your child's device, please visit our secure website for pricing and more details.
**Please keep in mind that only  one  insurance claim is allowed per school year for High School devices. All  Apple iPad  devices have unlimited accidental damage coverage. You will have the opportunity to purchase insurance again next school year.

         Who To Contact About Bus/Transportation Concerns During and After School Hours
During school hours, please contact the Transportation Department at (717) 846-6789, ext. 1298.  After school hours (after 4PM) f you have a question about a bus’s status, or need to reach a bus driver or the bus company, please call (717) 255-0416.


News From OUR PTO
North Hills PTO and Parent Involvement
If you would like to be involved in the school by helping with events and activities, being a part of classroom parties or sending in donations please use the link below to sign up.  This is not a commitment it is simply to let us know you are interested.
Parent Involvement LINK:
We are all looking forward to a wonderful school year!  Thanks for your support.
Dawn Gerhardt, PTO President
PLEASE REMEMBER:  You must have your clearances to volunteer!  If you do not already have your updated clearances, please request the packet from school or check the district website to start the process.

Important Information


     For students to successfully achieve at NHE, it is essential all students attend school regularly and on time.  Please remember school begins promptly at 9:00 AM.  All students must be in their classrooms by this time to avoid being marked late.  All students will enter the building through the main office entrance located at the front of the building. 

     Students will be dismissed at 3:35.  All car riders and walkers will be dismissed through the main office doors.  If you are picking your students up at school, you must sign them out using the grade level clipboard (identification may be required) on the porch in front of the main office doors.  An NHE staff member will be present each day with the clipboard.  It is the parent’s responsibility to sign the clipboard. 

     A note notifying the school of the pick-up arrangement is required to designate your child as a rider.  Send a note to the office or your child’s teacher stating such arrangements.  You may call the secretary no later than 3:00 PM to designate your student as a rider.

    There is NO PARKING in front of the building.  If you are transporting your child, please drive to the back parking lot near the cafeteria or the north parking lot located near the soccer fields.

     We appreciate your cooperation with these procedures as we strive to promote a safe environment for all students.

Attendance Information


Hours and Tardiness

The student day begins promptly at 9:00 AM and ends at 3:35 PM.  It is essential students arrive in their classrooms prior to the 9:00 bell.  Students not in their classrooms by this time will be considered tardy.  On the third illegal tardy, the student will receive lunch detention.  After the fifth tardy, the student will serve an after school detention.



Students will be excused from school in the event of an illness, death in the immediate family, quarantine, or for exceptional reasons determined to be urgent by school administrators, in accordance with Pennsylvania School Law.


Doctor’s Excuse

When a student reaches ten or more days of absence (excused or unexcused), parents can expect to receive a phone call or letter stating that additional absences could result in the need for a doctor’s note for each new absence.  Once a student has been placed on a doctor’s note, no absences will be marked excused unless approved by the school nurse or family physician.

Educational Trips

 Please be certain to reference the district policy regarding educational trips.  Approval forms must be obtained from the school office and submitted to the school at least two weeks prior to the trip or approval will be denied.  The educational value and activities of the trip must be stated in detail to be eligible for approval.  Educational trips will not be approved during achievement testing.  Although visiting relatives, family reunions, and other such absences are worthwhile, they do not meet the requirement of an educational trip.  Educational trips are limited to one per year and should not exceed eight days in length. No educational trips will be approved during PSSA testing.  Thank you for your cooperation regarding this policy.



It is our job at NHE to provide your child with the safest environment possible.  Therefore, all doors at NHE will be locked during the school day.  All visitors who request access to the building must press the gray call box located outside the main office doors.


When access has been granted, ALL visitors MUST report to the reception office located immediately inside the main doors.  All visitors will be issued a visitor’s badge.  This badge must be worn and visible at all times while in the building.  Please return this badge to the reception office when departing.



Top Ten Tips for Parental Involvement


  1. Studies show that children who eat breakfast do better in school.
  2. Avoid the morning rush.
  3. Make sure he/she gets plenty of rest.
  4. Talk with your child about school.
  5. Talk with the teacher.
  6. Attend school family events.
  7. Volunteer your time.
  8. Look for creative ways to volunteer.
  9. Volunteer when it fits into your schedule.
  10. Don’t delay (get involved).